Range Developments has fostered a business strategy that recognizes the importance of supporting local communities in the countries in which we operate with the aim of becoming an integral part of society. Local employment, the use of local construction materials and knowledge transfer are key constituents of this strategy. Range Developments currently has more than 100 local workers on site, and initiated contracts with local subcontractors for concrete and other construction materials. Once Park Hyatt St. Kitts opens in December 2015, tourists from many parts of the world will visit and enjoy a recreational getaway.

Another fundamental tenant of our corporate social responsibility involves sponsoring worthwhile community events. Some of our most recent contributions to society events are detailed below. Should you wish to recommend worthwhile opportunities for us to consider, please email us with full details at

Summer Camp – July 2014

This year, Range Developments supported an annual residential summer camp for 250 young children that aimed to promote positive relationships. The camp was held at the Beach Allen Primary School in Basseterre, from July 13 to July 27, 2014.

The camp catered for boys and girls from communities across St. Kitts & Nevis with ages ranging between 8 and 16 years old. Amongst the many activities, the camp planned field trips, sports activities, discussions and training for the children within a positive atmosphere.

The key objective of the camp was to develop the children’s character, self-esteem and confidence. The camp provided the children with an environment in which they could learn to appreciate their full personal potential and responsibility. The lifelong values of respect, discipline, teamwork and individual responsibility in daily tasks were taught to the children.

This camp, which has been running since 1983, has impacted countless lives over the years, inspiring and preparing each and every child to lead meaningful and productive lives.

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